There are three types of home design couples :

1 The couple in which one person makes all the home design decisions.
2 The couple in which both people work hand in hand to design their dream home.
3 The couple who can’t seem to agree on anything, which usually results in a permanent state of home design limbo.

Since I like to preach how important designing your home is for your peace of mind, who are we to let number three’s situation continue any longer? We're here to help!

We’ve worked with couples who struggle to design their home because their opinions cancel each other out. We think that type of 
mutual veto power is unproductive. We’ve found that this usually happens because one partner can’t visualize how the finished room will look and reacts to one piece of furniture or detail they’re trying to decide on. They don’t have the ability to envision the overall picture.

As we know, it’s not just a sofa or wall color that makes a room. It’s all the pieces coming together along with finishing decor touches.

Here is what we’ve found to be a productive way of resolving this conundrum.
1 Have a serious conversation as a couple. Ask yourselves what is important for each of you before you embark on remodeling or redesigning a room. Write these points down.
2 Find inspirational pictures to help yourselves better understand and visualize what the finished look could be. This will help you both to trust the process instead of going through it blindly.
3 Decide together if one of you can take charge of the project with the other’s full support. Ask for patience and for the other to wait until the room is done before rendering a final judgment. 
4 Remember that you both live in your home, so it’s essential that each of you gets a chance to incorporate what is important to you. There are ways to compromise without taking away from the overall vision.

For example, if there’s a tug-of-war between feminine and masculine touches, marry them! (See what I did there?) For instance, if a leather sofa is important to him but a glam look is important to her, bring in a leather sofa that has sleek curves to soften the look. Or if he has a leather couch from his bachelor days that he refuses to part with, add pillows with velvet fabric or beading to soften its look. And consider a beautiful crystal chandelier that will add the glam you’re looking for. It’s about compromise and working together to balance out your styles. IT CAN BE DONE!

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