Often overlooked or neglected, your entryway and/or mudroom is the first room(s) your guests will see when they enter your home. It’s easy to assume other areas of the house should take priority, but think of your first impression when you walk into other people’s homes. Is it impacted by the way the entryway is decorated? Or how the mudroom is organized and styled? I think it’s important that these areas be visually appealing and welcoming. They should also provide a sneak peek of what’s inside the rest of the house, so design consistency is key.

Now, you may be thinking, Come on Farah, the entryway is a small space, how much of an impact can it actually have? The answer is so much, my friends! Not only for your guests, but, most important, for yourself! At the end of each day, when you walk into your home, why not feel welcomed? Your home will help you relax if you can walk into an area with instant visual appeal. Let’s start with the entryway and then move on to the mudroom


A durable rug goes a long way
Make these rooms feel welcoming yet functional
You can never go wrong with fresh flowers and a candle


Your entryway should be a representation of your entire home, so give this room as much attention as you give the rest of your home.

Try to make your mudroom look good but also be functional, so you and your family can easily walk in and not only feel at home but also  have access to storage solutions to help keep your everyday essentials organized.


* Most entryways don’t get a lot of natural lighting.

* Paint your walls a lighter shade to brighten up the room.

* A rug is a must.

* Wall art and mirrors are always a plus.

* Add a statement light fixture.

If you have a two-story entryway, you can hang additional items higher up on your walls to avoid their looking bare. Whether you go with candles or artwork or wall decor, make sure they complement the other pieces in the room for a cohesive look.


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